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    MAKE WAY FOR THE ALL NEW "EAZY PRESERVE™" - Food Preservation Tray


    The Eazy Preserve™ has a leak-proof lid and an elastic film that can avoid your food from exposing to air or dust and help the food stay fresh longer than ever.          


      Magic technology elastic film, environmental protection, anti-pollution, convenient cleaning. Reusable, from now on refuse to use disposable plastic packaging and plastic bags. Protect the environment and the health of your family.


      Made from high-quality materials, with a certain degree of resistance to penetration and compression, so as to achieve the perfect sealing of food and Very creative design for elegant appearance, suitable for all occasions, whether it is to carry out or party use, it is a great choice.


       There is a buckle design around the tray, which makes it easier to seal the food, easy to use, can firmly lock the food to prevent overflow, suitable for parties, camping, etc.


      • POWERFUL & REUSABLE: This Eazy Preserve™ locks in freshness and prevents food smells from escaping; Our vacuum seal containers keep food tasting better for longer.
      • NON-TOXIC & DURABLE: Each one of our stackable food storage containers and reusable stretch lids is crafted from food safe materials that are BPA free and completely nontoxic; Safely store meats, cheeses, fish, fruits and more with our vacuum containers for food designed to last a lifetime.
      • SPACE SAVER: Trays can be stacked, which saves space and is more convenient, suitable for small refrigerators, freezers and other facilities.
      • INCLUDES ECO-FRIENDLY STRETCH LIDS: you can finally forget about the plastic wrap. Our reusable silicone covers are not just perfect to use by hot and cold temperature like in an oven, microwave or in fridge and freezer but also allow you to reduce the waste. As there are six different sizes in the set you can use them for most types of bowls, plates and containers.



      • Material: PP+elastic film
      • Size: 30.5*22.9*2.9cm
      • Weight: 200g
      • Material: PP+Elastic film




      • OPTION 1 * 1PC Eazy Preserve™ - Creative Food Preservation Tray.
      • OPTION 2 * 2PC Eazy Preserve™ - Creative Food Preservation Tray.
      • OPTION 3 * 4PC Eazy Preserve™ - Creative Food Preservation Tray.